[Openid-specs-ab] New podcast on identity specifications

Vittorio Bertocci vittorio.bertocci at auth0.com
Tue Sep 22 23:07:45 UTC 2020

[apologies for the ones among you who already got this thru the IETF oauth WG]

Dear all,
This is an informal messag to inform you that there’s a new podcast<http://identityunlocked.com/>, identityunlocked.com<http://identityunlocked.com/>, dedicated to inform and explain new identity specs developments for developers.
You can find a more detailed explanation of the podcast’s goals in https://auth0.com/blog/identity-unlocked-a-podcast-for-developers/, but the TL;DR is that the spec themselves aren’t all that easy to read for the non-initiated, and a lot of useful info emerges during the discussions leading to the spec but rarely surface in a usable form to the people who don’t participate in discussions.
The first episode<https://auth0.com/blog/identity-unlocked-explained-episode-1/>, featuring Brian Campbell discussing MTLS & DPoP, should give you an idea of what season 1 of the show will look like.
The full list of the first run is available here<https://auth0.com/blog/auth0-launches-identity-unlocked-the-identity-podcast-for-developers/>. All guests are actively involved in the identity standards community.
My main goals sharing this info here are

  *   Letting you know that the podcast exists, so that you can make use of it if you so choose (e.g. referring people to it if they need to better understand something covered in an episode)
  *   Soliciting proposals for new episodes: topics you believe are currently underserved, topics you are often asked about, topics you would like to be interviewed about on the show
  *   Growing the show’s subscriber base. I was able to get backing from my company to produce a podcast that has exactly ZERO product pitches and is purely about identity specs promotion, on the gamble that the topic does have an audience finding it useful. So far the reception has been great, and we need to keep it up if we want to have a season 2.

I hope you’ll find the initiative useful!

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