[Openid-specs-ab] Apple IsLoggedIn proposal and Privacy CF F2F

George Fletcher gffletch at aol.com
Mon Sep 14 19:29:08 UTC 2020


If you are a member of the W3C or want to join the free (to join) 
Privacy Community Group, the community will be discussing the IsLoggedIn 
proposal raised by Apple on 9/17.

The Privacy CG is having a virtual face-to-face this week on the 16th 
and 17th. On the 17th almost the entire time is set aside to discuss 
Apple's IsLoggedIn proposal. You can find the links to the face-to-face 
meeting information 
here: https://github.com/privacycg/meetings/tree/master/2020/09-virtual

Issues for the IsLoggedIn proposal can be found 
here: https://github.com/privacycg/is-logged-in/issues

I'm sending this out because I have a conflict with the 17th and it's 
unlikely I'll be able to attend. I've added comments to a number of the 
issues. If you or someone in your org has time to read through the 
issues and comment as well that would be helpful.

If you do join the F2F then please come prepared. There is an 
expectation that all participants will have read the explainer as well 
as the issues being discussed during the F2F. It may take a little time 
to come up to speed but having an identity voice in the conversation is 
very important.

Explainer: https://github.com/privacycg/is-logged-in


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