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Follow up on George s email. Here are how that will impact the browser,
probably excluding Apple.

thx ..Tom (mobile)

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Subject: [blink-dev] Intent to Prototype: Secure payment confirmation
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Contact emails rouslan at chromium.org, nburris at chromium.org,
danyao at chromium.org Explainer
https://github.com/rsolomakhin/secure-payment-confirmation Design docs/spec
https://bit.ly/secure-payment-confirmation TAG review Summary Secure
payment confirmation augments the payment authentication experience on the
web with the help of WebAuthn. The feature adds a new PaymentCredential
credential type to the Credential Management spec, which allows a relying
party such as a bank to create a PublicKeyCredential that can be queried by
any merchant origin as part of an online checkout via the Payment Request
API using the proposed secure-payment-confirmation payment method.
Motivation This feature enables a consistent, low friction, strong
authentication experience using platform authenticators. Strong
authentication with the user's bank is becoming a requirement for online
payments in many regions, including the European Union. The proposed
feature provides better user experience and stronger security than existing
solutions. Risks
Interoperability and Compatibility This feature adds a WebAuthn credential
type and PaymentRequest payment method type, so the interop risk is that
other browsers do not implement these types. The PaymentRequest API allows
developers to specify multiple supported payment methods in case some are
not supported. *Gecko*: Positive signal from informal conversation in W3C
Payment Handler meetings. This feature is part of the Payment Handler API
for which Mozilla recently filed an intent to implement. *WebKit*: No signal

*Web developers*: Positive signals from Stripe, which is interested in
experimenting with the feature.
Will this feature be supported on all six Blink platforms (Windows, Mac,
Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Android WebView)? No We intend to experiment
with Stripe on Mac to first prove the user benefit, and then extend the
feature to all platforms, except WebView where PaymentRequest is not
Is this feature fully tested by web-platform-tests
? No To be added to the payment-request
suite. Link to entry on the Chrome Platform Status
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