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Torsten Lodderstedt torsten at lodderstedt.net
Sat Aug 17 11:35:55 UTC 2019

Hi all, 

revision -07 of the OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance draft was published at https://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-4-identity-assurance-1_0.html. It incorporates feedback from OpenID Foundation Japan and as well as some tickets (e.g. nationality and ICAO codes).

Here is the list of changes:

* added Japanese trust frameworks to pre-defined values
* added Japanese id documents to pre-defined values
* changed “nationality" String claim to “nationalities" String array claim
* changed format of “nationalities" and issuing “country" to ICAO codes
* changed “date" in “verification" element to “time"
* id_document method: replaced “agent" in verifier element by “txn” element
* id_document method: added “time” element (in addition to “time” element on the “verification” level)
* qes method: fixed error in description of “issuer"
* qes method: changed “issued_at" to “created_at" since this field applies to the signature (that is created and not issued)
* adapted JSON schema and examples
* fixed typos

I look forward to getting your feedback.
I would especially interested to incorporate more examples from other countries/jurisdictions. So please provide me with examples! 

best regards,
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