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> i saw the notes for a meeting today, but it was not on any calendar i have access to.
> My question is about draft 5 which drops the trust model and the federation office.

We haven’t dropped the trust model. It’s still there though in other words.

> But still has the named entities that were in draft 4.
> I must admit confusion. How do i indicate the operative federation in a entity statement? It seems like the statement is not complete!

An entity statement by itself will probably not contain any information about the operative federation.

Remember that entity statements are organised in a hierarchy. The ones at the bottom are the self-signed entity statements published by the
leaf entities that participate in the federation. In a OIDC federation this would be RPs and OPs.

At the top we have the entity statements published by the operative federation. In between RPs/OPS and the federation operator we may have one 
or more levels of intermediate entities. These intermediates typically represents organisations, companies and the likes.

Each entity statement contains links (authority_hints) to one or more superiors and by following these links you will eventually reach the 
entity statement that a federation operator has issued. Note that a leaf/intermediate entity may belong to more than one federation.

> and what type of entity exactly is SWAMID in the new draft?

SWAMID is the Swedish Higher Education and Research Identity Federation.

— Roland

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