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Mike Schwartz - you have in no way been excluded.  Consensus calls are being made and the published processes are being followed.  The editors have already acknowledged your and other's review comments and agreed to address your comments in the next revision, which will be published following the Implementer's Draft vote (which will provide IPR protections to existing implementers).

I know that Nat has been working on some thoughts on explaining the consensus process and its relationship to international standardization efforts and plans to send that.  It's the middle of the night for him so I wouldn't expect an instantaneous response from him.

It's fine to have disagreements about spec designs.  If you want specific design changes, you owe it to the working group to say specifically what alternate design you are advocating.  (Your actionable comments thus far have been largely editorial, and wouldn't change the design.)  But disagreement about engineering decisions doesn't make the process broken.

Your reactions seem pretty over the top and disconnected to the actual facts of the situation.

				-- Mike

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OpenID Connect Community,

I've tried to resolve the situation over the federation spec:
   * I personally and privately emailed two of the spec editors (no responses from either)
   * I posted to this mailing list
   * I personally reached out to the chairman of OIDF
   * I expressed my concern to the OIDF board

My net assessment is that Gluu was excluded from the spec development process, that we get no say in any part of the content. It seems all we can do is vote to approve the IP.  Today this is Gluu. Tomorrow it could be you.

What I'm asking you to do:
   1. OBJECT to the OpenID Federation spec to send a message that this is not ok. For $25, you can join as an individual: 

   2. Sign this petition to Reform OpenID Connect, which I'll leave open for some time and then present to the board.

The content of the petition is as follows:

OpenID Connect has achieved significant adoption.  The community should get a say in how it works--changes and new developments should be subject to a fair, open, and consensus-based process.

* Currently, there are no calls for consensus on any topic

* The process for defining new specifications can arbitrarily exclude input from participants depending on the whim of the spec editor

* There is no requirement to reconcile or address objections

* Voting rights on specifications are not based on individual participation

* There are no published best practices or code of conduct for spec editors

* There is no appeal process within a work group

* There is a lack of transparency in the spec development process

* The leadership of the foundation--the Chariman,  Executive Director and the Board--has not provided adequate oversight of the WG process

* All of these problems add up to risk for the community that one person or organization may gain undue influence over OpenID Connect. This is not an acceptable risk for the community, who has invested so much in the standard's success.

* By signing this petition, you are asking the Board of Directors of the OpenID Foundation to implement changes that align the work group process with best practices for other consensus based standards organizations.

If this is not possible, OpenID Connect should move to an organization that already has the governance in place to protect the standard from future arbitrary control, like OASIS or Kantara.

Thanks for your consideration.

- Mike Schwartz

Michael Schwartz
Founder / CEO
mike at gluu.org
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