[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 25-May-17

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu May 25 14:29:15 UTC 2017

Spec call notes 25-May-17

Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Brian Campbell
Rich Levinson
John Bradley

              Open Issues
              Refactoring Registration and Discovery
              FAPI and OpenID Connect
              Next Call

              There is an instance of updated OP certification software running at https://new-op.certification.openid.net:60000/
                           We need one more tester to validate it before we switch to using it production
              The Library of Congress certified an OP
              George asked about versioning the test suite
                           We plan to do this
                           People will always be required to certify against the current version
                           When we take the RP test suite out of pilot mode, we'll make it 1.0
                           The new-op software will probably be called 2.0

Open Issues
              There are no new open issues

Refactoring Registration and Discovery
              Axel Nennker had asked about refactoring Registration and Discovery to reference the IETF specs
                           He's interested in this because MODRNA uses software statements
              These would have to be new 1.1 specifications - not errata to the existing 1.0 specs
              For now, it's fine to reference both registration specifications
              The IETF AS metadata specification is not yet complete

FAPI and OpenID Connect
              The read/write FAPI profile is using OpenID Connect
              It uses signed requests and responses
              This spec says that you must use proof-of-possession
              It uses Token Binding, PKCE, the mutual TLS client authentication, and software statements
              They are also looking at using parts of the Federation profile for nested software statements
              Additional APIs have been contributed by FSISAC

Next Call
              The next call is Monday, May 29 at 4pm Pacific Time
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