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Since many of you have written code that implements RFCs, including JOSE and JWT (such as the implementations listed at http://openid.net/developers/jwt/), I thought you might be interested in the IETF CodeStand project.  Kathleen tells me that this is the first version of CodeStand and it continue improving but all contributed connections between specs and code will be maintained as it evolves.

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If you have an implementation to standards or drafts for this WG, please considering entering them into CodeStand.  Listing can be to open source or proprietary implementations, where the open source ones would link to code repositories.  Before entering your code project, check to see if the standard, draft, or set of standards/drafts is already listed as a project.


CodeStand is fairly new, so if you have any issues, let me know or codestand-develop at ietf.org

Thanks to those of you that have done this already!

If you are not familiar with CodeStand, here's some more information:


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