[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 18-Feb-16

Roland Hedberg roland.hedberg at umu.se
Thu Feb 18 21:04:16 UTC 2016

>               OP certification is rolling along
>               Roland regularly gets e-mails from people asking about the certification tests
>               Something between 100 and 150 implementations have tested

I collected some statistics on tested implementations.
Now, I only see different issuer id’s, I’m not able to see how many different implementations there are.

All and all I have 163 unique issuer id’s.

The most commonly tested profiles are:

127 code.config.static.sign
127 code+id_token.config.static.sign
127 id_token.config.static.sign
127 id_token+token.config.static.sign
93 code.config.dynamic
93 code.config.static
93 code.no-config.static.none
93 code.no-config.static.none+sign
67 code+token.config.dynamic.encrypt

The profile specification consists of these parts:
1. response_type
2. provider configuration discovery (config=dynamic, no-config=static)
3. client registration (static/dynamic)
4. <sign><none><encrypt>  - none is the special ’none’ signature

— Roland

”Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen."
From ’Open House for Butterflies’ by Ruth Krauss

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