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Sharing it.

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Subject: [OAUTH-WG] Announcing new Identity Events Discussion List
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At IETF94, a number of us got together to discuss the emerging event work
that is emerging in the Identity space:

* OIDC Logout
* SCIM Notify Events
* OAuth Token Revocations
* Consent Events

The Id-Event discussion list is intended to begin discussion
around developing new IDs (and potentially form a WG) for the purpose
of defining a JWT message format for Identity Events and to define
a possible approach for distribution.

The list was formed after several participants noticed common
event requirements that have emerged from SCIM provisioning, OIDC
(eg. Logout), RISC Events (e.g. account suspension, reset, take-over),
as well as OAuth2 (e.g. token revocations), and consent notification (e.g.
consent from a distributes OAuth/UMA system).

At this time, the process and route to standardization for identity events
has not been determined. I expect that to be one of the discussions we will
have on the list.

The web page for the mailing list is:




phil.hunt at oracle.com

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Nat Sakimura (=nat)
Chairman, OpenID Foundation
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