[Openid-specs-ab] I'm planning to start applying errata edits to OpenID Connect

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 29 16:37:33 UTC 2015

We’re not going to do major changes as part of an errata action, so we’re not going to remove the now-duplicated content.  That said, we will add a statement that the OpenID Registration spec is compatible with the OAuth Registration spec and that implementations are free to use features defined there such as software statements as appropriate.  Would that work for you?

                                                            -- Mike

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Hi Mike,

good to hear.

Regarding Dynamic Client Registration: Will you modify the OpenID Connect Spec to be based on RFC 7591? I'm asking because the OIDC Client Registration could be strip down (e.g. by removing the definition of registration request/response). Moreover, this would allow the OIDC version to leverage software statements, which are required for the MODRNA work.

best regards,

Am 24.07.2015 20:14, schrieb Mike Jones:
I wanted to let you know that I plan to start applying errata edits to the OpenID Connect specifications.  These edits will include:

•        Referencing the JOSE, JWT, OAuth Assertions, and acct URI RFCs instead of working group drafts

•        Registering the Connect-specific Dynamic Registration metadata values in the registry established by RFC 7591

•        Removing the warning about the Google “iss” value currently in Section 15.6.2

•        Addressing typos described in the issue tracker

If you know of other issues that we need to address as errata, please add them to the issue tracker at https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issues?status=new&status=open<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3a%2f%2fbitbucket.org%2fopenid%2fconnect%2fissues%3fstatus%3dnew%26status%3dopen&data=01%7c01%7cMichael.Jones%40microsoft.com%7c31bcba812779461de4dc08d2980df30d%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=HXg%2bwHa8bJiF7SLAJUyFK0Lwp6SBXdWE27KLYYiXmHM%3d> using the milestone “Errata”.

Note that I’ll first publish the updated drafts to http://openid.bitbucket.org/<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3a%2f%2fopenid.bitbucket.org%2f&data=01%7c01%7cMichael.Jones%40microsoft.com%7c31bcba812779461de4dc08d2980df30d%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=vcv4rTg9svF8fZYynqgEF7oV3N%2bEt2oVn0Tu%2bcrkJa8%3d> for review.  Also, I think we should wait until draft-ietf-jose-jwk-thumbprint<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3a%2f%2ftools.ietf.org%2fhtml%2fdraft-ietf-jose-jwk-thumbprint-08&data=01%7c01%7cMichael.Jones%40microsoft.com%7c31bcba812779461de4dc08d2980df30d%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=Abm%2brWGKRUjm0nf0zVUsAIdo%2b47JvLs54T2WDVPat%2fY%3d> exits the RFC Editor queue and becomes an RFC before we call this second errata round done.

                                                            -- Mike


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