[Openid-specs-ab] trouble connecting to the certification site (was Spec call notes 23-Feb-15)

Brian Campbell bcampbell at pingidentity.com
Tue Feb 24 17:58:08 UTC 2015

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to
https://op.certification.openid.net:60000/ ?

I get a connection timeout at home with Comcast as my ISP. Strangely, I'm
able to connect from my phone on T-Mobile. I know there have been some
issues exposing ports on the Symantec hosts and I'm wondering if this isn't
related? Or am I doing something wrong here (I'm just to go to the site in
a browser though - command line wget copied below shows the same issue).

$ wget -v https://op.certification.openid.net:60000
--2015-02-24 08:19:11--  https://op.certification.openid.net:60000/
Resolving op.certification.openid.net...
Connecting to op.certification.openid.net||:60000... failed:
Operation timed out.

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 4:32 PM, Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>

> Certification
>                Roland now has testing up on the Symantec hosts
>                A team member of Roland's created an OP self-registration
> page at https://op.certification.openid.net:60000/
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