[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 02-Feb-15

Edmund Jay ejay at mgi1.com
Mon Feb 2 23:36:46 UTC 2015

Spec call notes 02-Feb-15

Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Edmund Jay

Brian Campbell

    OpenID 2.0 Migration
    Session Management

    Most reported issues have been resolved by Roland.
    Edmund still has problem where the token_endpoint_auth_type for the tests are stuck with the private_key_jwt or client_secret_jwt.
    It may have something to do with the tests related to setting the token endpoint auth type.

OpenID 2.0 Migration
    OpenID 2.0 Migration spec is now in public review period.

Session Management
    Session Management should be kept in the agenda in future meetings so that it gets more attention.
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