[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 8-Jan-15

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 8 15:57:43 UTC 2015

Spec call notes 8-Jan-15

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Justin Richer
Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Brian Campbell
William Kim

               Open Issues
               Mobile Connect Progress Report
               HEART Progress Report
               Upcoming Events
               JOSE and JWT Status
               Agronomy Federation

               Salesforce has been doing active testing
                              Mike synced with Ian Glazer about this yesterday
                              Ian is providing feedback on the tests to Roland Hedberg
               Microsoft is doing testing and providing feedback on the tests
               Ping is scheduled to get back to testing on Monday, after taking a break during the holidays
               Adam Dawes at Google has been doing some testing, but feedback hasn't been received
                              Mike will touch base with Adam about their status
               NRI is testing its PHP implementation
               Mike will ask Roland about the RP tests later today
               We should use an issue tracker for test issues
                              Nat suggested we open up a new issue tracker for this
               The legal documents are also in flight

Open Issues
               There are no new open issues

Mobile Connect Progress Report
               They are working on discovery and registration
               The privacy requirements of the phone operators are a factor
               There needs to be a way to communicate a phone number in an encrypted JWT to the operator
               There may need to be a centralized discovery service
               The carriers may populate account information in Account Chooser

HEART Progress Report
               The mailing list has been created and the charter accepted
               The chairs are Eve Maler and Debbie Bucci
               Justin is working with the Veterans Administration on creating a set of profiles as initial inputs
               They will use asymmetric JWTs for client authentication
               There will be restrictions on flows used
               Their first call will be on January 12th
                              John will contact Eve and Debbie about announcing this more broadly, including to openid-general at lists.openid.net
                              Nat wants to add their calls to the OpenID calendar

Upcoming Events
               There will be an OpenID Workshop at AOL before IIW on Monday, April 6th
                              The Connect WG will probably be previewing certification results then, given it's two weeks before RSA
               We don't plan to have an OpenID event at IETF 92 in Dallas in March
               There is a healthcare IT conference HIMSS the week of April 13, which is probably relevant to HEART

JOSE and JWT Status
               Mike reported that he'll be having a call with Karen O'Donoghue and Kathleen Moriarty about JOSE tomorrow
               The shepherd reports need to be updated before the docs go to the RFC editor
               The cookbook recently went to the RFC editor

Agronomy Federation
               The Open Agronomy Data Alliance out of Purdue is working on building an agricultural federation
               John is talking to them about liberties they've taken with the specs
               They currently have a proprietary way of doing asymmetric client authentication
               John posted a note "[Openid-specs-ab] OADA profile" to the list about this
               They also currently have different client registration mechanism, using a URL as a Client ID
               All of this seems to point to why certification is necessary
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