[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 8-Dec-14

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 8 23:16:18 UTC 2014

Spec call notes 8-Dec-14

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Edmund Jay

               Open Issues
               Mobile Connect Progress Report

               Microsoft and Google are testing OPs
               Test endpoints are set up for Ping, Salesforce, and DT
               Interest has also been expressed by ForgeRock and Dominick Baier

               Symantec has the hosts {op,rp}.certification.openid.net up now
                              Roland has the necessary credentials to start using them

               Microsoft's legal team has done an initial review of the proposed legal docs
                              New versions will be circulated shortly

Open Issues
               There are no new open issues

Mobile Connect Progress Report
               There are three parts to the work: discovery, registration, and core
               People are editing all three documents
               Torsten and John are meeting with the GSMA on Friday to try to harmonize efforts
               This could still come unglued if the carriers try to charge for authentication
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