[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 1-Dec-14

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 1 23:34:51 UTC 2014

Spec call notes 1-Dec-14

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Nat Sakimura
Edmund Jay

               Cookbook Project
               Open Issues
               Spec Progress

               Roland is 95% done with the OP tests
               The next step there is to have several OPs run through the tests
                              Mike is getting tests run at Microsoft
                              Ping is about to start testing
                              Google and Salesforce apparently haven't started testing yet
               Symantec still has to put up the official conformance testing hosts
               We have definitions of the RP tests
                              Some of Roland's people are working on them now
               Proposed certification legal docs are being reviewed

Cookbook Project
               The idea is to have code examples for several development environments
               Edmund is working on JavaScript
               Others are working on Python and C#
               Nat expects there to be a sample page to review in a week or so

Open Issues
               #962 - "NOT FOUND" special value for openid2_id looks dangerous
                              This has been discussed on the list and on one of the calls
                              A better option may be to just not return openid2_id when not found

               #963 - openid2 scope should be ignored if not supported
                              Returning errors would provide a disincentive for RPs to use the feature.  Better to ignore it.

Spec Progress
               It's on Mike's queue to do a short write-up of image based logout
               John plans to coordinate back channel logout discussions with significant account change update notification discussions
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