[Openid-specs-ab] Ad-hoc conversation about i-names and OpenID Connect Migration 29-Aug-14

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Aug 29 15:55:57 UTC 2014

Ad-hoc conversation about i-names and OpenID Connect Migration 29-Aug-14

Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
Markus Sabadello
John Bradley
Nov Matake
Edmund Jay

There are three xri registrars now:
               fullxri - Markus
               1id - In Australia
               Respect Network - Drummond Reed, etc.
                              Respect Network has a number of resellers

i-names are now called cloud names
The main company developing services on top of cloud names is Respect Network

They plan to replace the @ symbol for business names with +

Mike asked whether some of the providers are going to be supporting OpenID Connect
Markus finds is personally interesting in doing something to make xri compatible with OpenID Connect

The original i-services are not supported by Respect Network
               OpenID 2.0
               Contact page
Respect Network has implemented an xri-based "Respect Connect" protocol

John:  Without xri.net running an OpenID Connect provider, migration could only happen for specific i-brokers

It's not clear whether the right thing to do would be for xri.net to be the issuer or for the i-broker

We believe that we can't ask Connect RPs to do anything special for i-names
               Ideally, you would type xri.net into discovery
               Or you could type fullxri.com
               The "sub" claim could just be the i-number
               The "iss" could be fullxri.com or another i-broker

Mike: For the Migration spec, we should say that the mechanisms for migrating i-names are still under discussion

Nat: We could allow the provider to return URLs like https://fullxri.com/<i-number> as the openid2_id claim
Mike: This wouldn't match the name in the database, which is the i-number
John: The openid2_id claim should be the claimed identifier

John: The RP could do XRI resolution on the claimed identifier to discover the actual provider
               The OpenID Connect service could be added to the XRD
                              This can be done by i-brokers without support from xri.net
John believes that people aren't likely to modify their XRI libraries to do any of this
               He believes that some kind of manual account linking to be the only practical approach

Resolution: We should go to an implementer's draft saying that the openid2_id claim will be the verified identifier
               and that the mechanism for discovering the right provider is still TBD
               This mechanism could involve work by xri.net or by the i-brokers

Open Issues:
               #949 Migration - (te) 2., and 6. verification rule (by Markus)
                              Nat will fix with won't fix
               #950 Migration - (te) 4. xri portion needs change (by Markus)
                              Accepted - see "Resolution" above
               #955 - Migration - (ge) xri.net support of the Migration spec
                              Dup of 950
               #956 - Migration - (te) openid.identity support? (by Nov)
                              We don't want to get into trying to define workarounds for OpenID 2.0 bugs
                              Providers violating the OpenID 2.0 spec could similarly violate the migration spec to make things work
                              Nat will add an implementer's note about extracting the fragment in this case

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