[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 31-Mar-14

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 1 00:03:40 UTC 2014

Spec call notes 31-Mar-14

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Prabath Siriwardena (no IPR agreement yet, but plans to file one)
Nat Sakimura

               Developer library page and specifications pages
               Open Issues
               Upcoming Events

Developer library page and specifications pages
                              We are missing Ping Identity, Microsoft, some other implementations
                              People should send information about other libraries to be listed
                              WSO2 will send information to be listed
                              We want to list both libraries and other implementations, such as hosted implementations
                              The OpenID 2.0 libraries have been moved to http://openid.net/developers/libraries/obsolete/
                              The Connect specs are now listed on the specs pages

Upcoming Events
               Pre-IIW event at Yahoo!, Monday, May 5
                              Nat will add this to the events page
                              Mike will promote this on the relevant mailing lists
                              Connect will likely have working group business to do there, including Session Management
                              Other working groups are likely to as well
                              We should propose a specific agenda.  A possible agenda is:
                                             Opening 12-12:15
                                             OpenID Connect 12:15-1:30
                                             Account Chooser 1:30-2:45
                                             Break 2:45-3:00
                                             Mobile Profile 3:00-4:00
                                             Native Applications 4:00-5:00
                              Mike will propose this to Don and the board
               European Identity Conference, Tuesday, May 13
                              This will probably be more presentation-oriented than interactive

Mobile Profile for OpenID Connect
               We had a side discussion about Nat adding the new working group to the openid.net site

Open Issues
               #923 - Create the 1st draft of the transition spec (new issue)
                              Nat will create a first draft of this
               #922 - Session cleanup via back-channel
                              Todd attached the IBM proposal to the issue
                              This may be a topic that we should try to hash out at the pre-IIW meeting
               #921 - Core - "Authorization Request" should be "Authentication Request"
                              This will be errata
               #920 - Attack identified against self-issued "sub" values
                              Mike will publish a mini-spec about JWK thumbprint values
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