[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 25-Nov-13

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Correction - this was for 25-Nov-13

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Spec call notes 25-Nov-13

John Bradley
Edmund Jay
Brian Campbell
Mike Jones

                Open Issues
                E-mails to the list
                Editing Status
                Hosting self-issued.me
                Next call

Open Issues:
                There are no new open issues
                John plans to add one to track his message "Login Initiation endpoint"

E-mails to the list:
                Login Initiation endpoint
                                John answered the questions that Mike asked on the list
                                This is an optimization for the case where the initiator is the OP
                                It gives the RP an ID Token but not an access token
                                                You could get an Access Token with a prompt=none request
                                This is common in SAML
                                This lets the session fit more naturally into environments with a Web access manager
                                The short lifetime is an attempt to prevent replays, since there is no nonce
                                It makes Brian nervous that the ID Token would be query parameter, rather than a POST
                session_selection_required versus account_selection_required
                                Should this the "session_selection_required" error code actually be called "account_selection_required"?
                                Mike forwarded the question to Breno

Hosting self-issued.me
                John will try to work on this this week

Next Call:
                Thursday is US Thanksgiving
                The next call will be in a week
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