[Openid-specs-ab] Spec Call note 03-Oct-2013

Edmund Jay ejay at mgi1.com
Thu Oct 3 18:57:50 UTC 2013

Spec Call notes 03-Oct-2013

  Nat Sakimura
  Justin Richer
  Edmund Jay

  Spec Refactoring
  Session Management

Spec Refactoring
  Mike was absent from call so it was not discussed.

  #882: All - JWT and JOSE specification versions
  #881: Discovery 1 - Relationship to OAuth Dynamic Registration
      The above 2 issues are editorial changes 

  #879: Messages 6.1 - The OpenID Foundation may consider hosting a site https://self-issued.me/
  #880: Messages 6.2 - The OpenID Foundation may consider hosting the endpoint https://self-issued.me/registration/1.0/
      Nat and Justin suggests using https://self-issued.openid.net/ rather than a domain in another country.

  #878: Messages Define "negative response" for id_token_hint 

      Summary from coversations in the mailing list :
         When prompt=none is requested and the user is not logged in, the error response will be login_required
         When prompt=none is requested and there is no id_token_hint, Breno suggests trying to satisfy the request 

         if there is a signed-in user who has approved the application previously

  #876: Google "iss" value missing https://
      Needs further discussion

  #877: Messages 2.1.3 Description of interaction_required, login_required, session_selection_required and consent_required conflicts with prompt none specification
      It is agreed that language will be changed to MUST NOT to keep consistency

Session Management
      Needs more interop work

      Edmund has session management RP working with Microsoft OP
      Currently seeking Google's session management endpoints (please respond if anyone knows)
      The Session Management spec is not as mature as the other specs and also subject to cookie and local storage policies.
      Will need to explore the possibility of going forward without Session Management
      Edmund will suggest text to clarify some points for current doc.
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