[Openid-specs-ab] OpenID Connect Core draft available for review/discussion

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 25 00:19:52 UTC 2013

I've completed the merger of Messages and Standard and released the result as openid-connect-core-1_0-12, both to bitbucket and to the specs directory.  See:
                http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html             (always points to the current released version)
                http://openid.bitbucket.org/openid-connect-core-1_0.html      (always points to the current working version)

The refactoring is next...

                                                                -- Mike

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I've released my current draft of OpenID Connect Core - the merger of Messages and Standard - at http://openid.bitbucket.org/openid-connect-core-1_0.html so that we can discuss it on the call at the top of the hour.  As discussed on the previous call, this initial version is organized like Messages - not yet like Nat's refactoring.  This was to make it easier to make sure that nothing was dropped from either Messages or Standard.  I've confirmed this by reading the diffs between both sets of sources.

The next step is to do the restructuring along the lines of Nat's draft.

                                                            -- Mike

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