[Openid-specs-ab] Setting up single sign-on with JWT (JSON Web Token) : Zendesk Support

Tatsuo Kudo t-kudo at nri.co.jp
Mon Aug 5 07:25:05 UTC 2013

I've just found yet another SSO protocol leveraging JWT.  
Does anyone aware of this?

 Setting up single sign-on with JWT (JSON Web Token) : Zendesk Support

> When Zendesk redirects a user to your login script, it will also
> pass a return_to parameter in the URL. This parameter contains the
> page that Zendesk will return the user to after the authentication
> succeeds. For example:
>     1. A user visits https://mycompany.zendesk.com/tickets/1232.
>     2. Zendesk recognizes that the user is not authenticated.
>     3. Zendesk redirects the user to:
>     https://mycompany.com/zendesk/sso?return_to=https://mycompany.zendesk.com/tickets/123
> All your script needs to do, is take the return_to value from the
> invoked URL and pass it back to Zendesk when submitting the JWT
> token. In other words, upon authentication on your side, your script
> redirects the user to:
> https://mycompany.zendesk.com/access/jwt?jwt=payload&return_to=https://mycompany.zendesk.com/tickets/123
> Whether you pass in the return_to parameter or not is optional, but
> we recommend it for the smoothest user experience.


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