[Openid-specs-ab] ECDH+KDF example (was Re: Spec Call note 5-Aug-2013)

Edmund Jay ejay at mgi1.com
Wed Aug 7 21:26:40 UTC 2013


I haven't been able to reproduce the ECDH-ES  results either.
I'm getting the base64url value usEpwFIC_qrmBExntFwxMA or hex  0xBAC129C05202FEAAE6044C67B45C3130.
Is that anywhere close to what you're getting?

-- Edmund

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As far as I know, Edmund jsut started working on it.
Let us see how it turns out.


(2013/08/06 9:16), Brian Campbell wrote:
>> New examples in JWT and JOSE specs
>> -----------------------------------
>> Edmund will start working on it right after this call.
> I've been able to verify the new nested JWT example.
> But I haven't been able to reproduce the same results as in the new
> example with ECDH-ES Key Agreement and Concat KDF at
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-jose-json-web-algorithms-14#appendix-D
> If Edmund or anyone is working on it, I'd love to share notes or
> intermediate results or code to try and figure it out.
> Mike is on vacation this week so isn't around to defend his examples :)

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