[Openid-specs-ab] Spec Call note 5-Aug-2013

n-sakimura n-sakimura at nri.co.jp
Mon Aug 5 23:42:12 UTC 2013

Spec Call notes 5-Aug-2013

* Nat Sakimura
* Edmund Jay
* John Bradley

* New examples in JWT and JOSE specs
* Open Issues
* Spec Restructuring Experiment Progress Report
* Call scheduling

New examples in JWT and JOSE specs
Edmund will start working on it right after this call.

Open Issues
There are several issues to be filed by John.
He will file it right after this call.

Spec Restructuring Experiment Progress Report
Nat is creating two sets of reogranized docs.
One for componentized one, and one for more monolithic one.
For componentized one, it was discussed that perhaps
taking the security and privacy consideration out into a
separate consolidated document would help the person
who is checking the implementation. After all, even if
the considerations are in the same document, developers are
unlikely to read them, so we should cater the security
and privacy officer instead.

Torsten suggested that perhaps MTI can also be separated out.
John felt that may not be a good idea, but he feels he needs to
see the concrete example before making his mind.

Call Scheduling
Starting next week, this call time slot will be taken up by
JOSE interim every other week.

Nat Sakimura (n-sakimura at nri.co.jp)
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 
Tel:+81-3-6274-1412 Fax:+81-3-6274-1547

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