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Thanks very much Mike.

Apparently, the file openid-connect-messages-1.0.Nat-4-Jun-13+Mike+Nat.docx
disappeared somewhere.. I wonder where did I send it, but that's ok. It had
only three minor delta. None of them affects running code so it could wait.
Just to note, they were:

*1. Definition of Authentication*
"right to use" is problematic as a delegated entity may have right to use
as well.
Suggest: "Process of verifying the the claimed identity presented
represents an entity."

*2. Date of publication of ISO 29115*
(Mike asked the month of the publication)
It is March 2013.

*3. Definition of Identity*
Identity exists without being all of the attributes being asserted.
If "claim" includes the notion of being "asserted", then suggest the
"Set of pieces of information related to an entity"

I also answered Mike's question.

Q. Why am I asking the reason OAuth Assertions specs do not support
Authorize Header method but only supports query parameters.
A. It was just a question. For being REST friendly,
The depending on it, I was thinking of sending a comment to OAuth list.

The following my question probably went without being noticed.
I appreciate if somebody could enlighten me.

Re: 2.5.1 Address Claim "formatted"
Why is it a primary member for the purpose of sorting and filtering?
I agree that it is a primary member for printing, but ...

Thanks again,


2013/6/6 Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>

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> today.****
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