[Openid-specs-ab] [Bitbucket] Issue #835: Clarify the expected JSON type(s) of "value" and "values" in the claims request JSON object (openid/connect)

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We already cover the rationale for using the “request_uri” in http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-messages-1_0.html#RequestUriRationale.  We could add similar rationale for when to use the “request” parameter, but I’d submit that adding this isn’t essential to completing the Implementer’s Drafts.  We could write that and review it in a leisurely fashion, after publishing the Implementer’s Drafts, should the working group decide to do so.

                                                            -- Mike

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Subject: Re: [Openid-specs-ab] [Bitbucket] Issue #835: Clarify the expected JSON type(s) of "value" and "values" in the claims request JSON object (openid/connect)

Actually, I am asking the guidance between the use of 'claims' top-level parameter and 'request' parameter.

'claims' parameter was added by #748 to ease the writing of MTI and request parameter processing rules. From spec writing point of view, that is more elegant and fine. I just thought that developers who reads this spec may wonder when they should pick one or the other.

2013/6/3 Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com<mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>>
The “claims” parameter is always what is used to request individual claims.  Independent of that, the “claims” parameter is one of the parameters that can either occur as a query parameter value, or within a request object passed either as a query parameter value using the “request” parameter or by reference using the “request_uri” parameter.

I think you’re really asking the question “what is the guidance between using request parameters passed as query parameters and using request parameters passed by reference or by value using a Request Object”.  The question is independent of whether the “claims” parameter is used.

                                                            -- Mike

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Subject: Re: [Openid-specs-ab] [Bitbucket] Issue #835: Clarify the expected JSON type(s) of "value" and "values" in the claims request JSON object (openid/connect)

A naive question.

What is the guidance between the requesting claims in 'claims' request parameter and the request object?

>From what I see, 'claims' request parameter features are completely covered by request object. Main differences are that request object can specify other parameter such as response_types as well as other security parameters and can be signed (it is a compact serialized JWS), while 'claims' parameter is form encoded.

2013/5/30 Michael Jones <issues-reply at bitbucket.org<mailto:issues-reply at bitbucket.org>>

Michael Jones commented on issue #835:

Clarify the expected JSON type(s) of "value" and "values" in the claims request JSON object<https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issue/835/clarify-the-expected-json-type-s-of-value>

Fixed #835<https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issue/835/clarify-the-expected-json-type-s-of-value> - Clarified requirements on using "value" and "values" qualifiers when requesting specific values for individual claims.

→ <<cset 6af1216a68a0<https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/commits/6af1216a68a0>>>


new resolved

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