[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 28-May-13

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu May 30 15:43:58 UTC 2013

Spec call notes 28-May-13

Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Brian Campbell
Justin Richer
Edmund Jay
Mike Jones
Tim Bray
John Bradley
Roland Hedberg

               Implementer's Drafts
               Schedule Discussion
               Open Issues

Implementer's Drafts:
               Mike published potential implementer's drafts this morning
               We will give people a day to object, then declare the start of the review period

Schedule Discussion:
               Nat sent a workback schedule in his proposed agenda, which we reviewed
                              Both for the ID2 vote and the Final vote
               We agreed to accelerate his ID2 schedule by 6 days
               The workback for Final is intended to have us finish in time for the New Zealand RFP in December
                              Like many governments, they can't use things that aren't standards
               Before going final, we need to expedite interop testing of untested features

Open Issues:
               There are no open issues for the Implementer's Drafts

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