[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 11-Apr-13

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 11 14:41:22 UTC 2013

Spec call notes 11-Apr-13

Mike Jones
Roland Hedberg
Nat Sakimura
Edmund Jay
George Fletcher
John Bradley

               OAuth Interop Event
               OpenID Connect Meeting before IIW
               Open Issues
               JOSE Specs

OAuth Interop Event:
               Thomas Hardjono approached Mike and Tony Nadalin about possibly having an OAuth interop event at MIT
                              He proposed the week before IETF
               Mike asked if it might not make better sense to do this at IIW, since many people would already be there
                              IIW is Oct 22-24, 2013
               Tony had communicated to Thomas that it should be based on public endpoints
               Justin said the Kerberos consortium has been doing in-person interops for some time
                              They're getting more involved in OpenID Connect and OAuth
                              Hannes asked if people might be interested in this for OAuth
               Justin said that we could have multiple events
               We would have to specify scenarios
                              Since OAuth requires further specification to achieve interoperability
               The week after IIW there will be an IDESG meeting in Washington, DC
               Roland thought that Thomas was proposing Thu-Fri, October 30 and November 1
                              This is right before IETF, which is the next week in Vancouver, BC
                              This conflicts with RSA Europe - although this may not be a real conflict for anyone
               The group agrees that some OAuth interop work would be good
                              There's arguments for both the MIT and IIW venues
                              If we're doing it based on public endpoints, we could potentially do both
               The profiling is the first step
                              We would need owners for that
                              Roland has already started that discussion
                              John commented that if the profile is a subset of OpenID Connect, we may get more participation

OpenID Connect Meeting before IIW:
               Mike is getting us space at the Microsoft conference center in Mountain view
               For the afternoon of Monday, May 6
               There will be box lunches, so we'll need people to register
               The meeting will start with lunch at noon and run until 5:00
               John will set up openid-connect-May2013.eventbrite.com so people can register

Open Issues:
               There are no new open issues

JOSE Specs:
               Mike continues editing the JOSE specs
               John agreed to write up security considerations for PKCS #1 1.5 this week
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