[Openid-specs-ab] [openid/connect] Registration - Clarify Update; add normative text (issue #752)

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Thu Feb 7 05:16:42 UTC 2013

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New issue 752: Registration - Clarify Update; add normative text

Nat Sakimura:

It was not very clear in d14 whether Update was a replacement or update. It only had a non-normative (i.e., no MUST, SHOULD, etc.)  text saying "Client Update Requests replace all previous parameters set for a client_id." Were it to be a normative text, it had to state something like: 

Upon the receipt of the request, the server MUST update all the registered parameters set for a client_id in the request with the received value, MUST update all the registered parameters not included in the request but with a server default with the current server default value, and MUST delete any other previously registered parameters. 

This means 

(1) the client has to store all the returned value from the registration request [it is OK but we probably should state it if so.];  
(2) the update request MUST include all the values in (1), otherwise it may change the values; 
(3) the update request creates new parameters if the server defaults were added between the registration and update;  

Whether this is the intended behavior not, we have to clarify in a normative text. Otherwise, we will lose the interoperability.  


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