[Openid-specs-ab] [openid/connect] Registration 2.1 - Delete "operation" parameter (issue #746)

Michael Jones issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Mon Feb 4 21:19:51 UTC 2013

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New issue 746: Registration 2.1 - Delete "operation" parameter

Michael Jones:

After deleting the rotate_secret operation, the remaining operations would be client_register and client_update.  These take essentially the same parameters, except that the client_update operation would contain a client_id.  The presence of the client_id parameter would be used to distinguish between these closely-related operations.

P.S.  With these changes, “client delete” operation could be performed with an HTTP DELETE method and a “get client status” operation could be performed with a HTTP GET method.  I’m *not* advocating these operations, because I don’t think they’re needed in a minimal spec, but I did want to put out that the simplifications proposed above would align with the possibility of adding them later, should the working group decide that it’s important to do so.


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