[Openid-specs-ab] OpenID Connect: UI language

Nat Sakimura sakimura at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 01:18:13 UTC 2013

Preferred locale and the language-Script of the claims are not directly
related. For example, when I book a hotel, I routinely need to fill form's
name fields in en-us, ja-Kana-JP, and ja-Hani-JP while the user interface
is in ja-Jpan-JP.

It may be difficult to understand for those of you from a single script
countries, but you need to recognize that there are people who lives with
multiple scripts.


=nat via iPhone

Feb 2, 2013 9:16¡¢John Bradley <ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com> ¤Î¥á¥Ã¥»©`¥¸:

I just mentioned this on the other thread.

I personally think they are used differently.

Nat can probably speak to this better as someone from a multi script

It is possible that the script you want the claims in is not the script you
want for the UI.   (There are a limited set of languages this applies to I

In most cases it would be the same but I think it is bad design to confuse

The claim script is about what the RP needs for it's processing , the UI is
what the user needs to interact.  Conflating them is probably a mistake.

John B.

On 2013-02-01, at 3:36 PM, Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com> wrote:

I believe that Frank has asked an important question.  Is preferred_locales
intended to apply to the user interface as well as the claims?  I¡¯d think
it should.

What do others think?

                                                            -- Mike

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I¡¯ll try have the working group discuss whether preferred_locales is
applicable to the presented UI on the working group call today.

                                                                -- Mike

*From:* Frank Cornelis [mailto:info at e-contract.be <info at e-contract.be>]
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Hi Mike,

This UserInfo Request can also be passed during the Authorization

Is preferred_locales also applicable to the presented UI? I thought it's
only related to how the values of the UserInfo response look like.

I signed the IPR via my info at e-contract.be account.

Kind Regards,

On 01/25/2013 04:11 PM, Mike Jones wrote:

See preferred_locales in

By the way, if you're going to post to the working group mailing list,
you'll need to submit an IPR agreement for the working group.  See the
Participation section of http://openid.net/connect/ on how to do that.

                                                            Best wishes,
                                                            -- Mike

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OpenID has a User Interface extension that allows you to communicate the
language preference between Client and OP.
As I'm looking to add OpenID Connect support to the eID IdP, I cannot
really find an equivalent of this extension for OpenID Connect. Where
should I be looking? The Authorization Request display parameter seems
to be limited to "page", "popup", "touch", and "wap". Especially for
multi-lang (en, nl, fr, de) countries like Belgium, such a feature is
quite critical.

Kind Regards,

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