[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 28-Jan-13

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 29 00:29:51 UTC 2013

Spec call notes 28-Jan-13

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Tim Bray
Edmund Jay
George Fletcher
Brian Campbell
Nat Sakimura
Pamela Dingle

                Open Issues
                Native Client Test Application
                Implementation Status

Open Issues:
                We went from 4 to 28 open issues because of people reviewing the documents (which is a good thing!)
                Three more were added during the call and we resolved 3, so we're still at 28
                Editing tasks were assigned to Mike
                We did not get through issues 723, 724, 725, and 727, which are actually multiple issues from e-mail messages
                Comments were added to the issue tracker saying how the issues that we reviewed will be resolved

Native Client Test Application:
                Pam is refactoring her native client code to fix the "one last bug"
                It currently only uses the "code" flow
                Pam will try to get this out for Thursday, but it may take until Monday

Implementation Status:
                Edmund has updated his implementation to use WebFinger for discovery
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