[Openid-specs-ab] openid-connect-basic-1_0-23 review

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I've created http://hg.openid.net/connect/issue/724/basic-tony-nadalins-review-comments to track these review comments.

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Section 2.2.2

1.        mixes Client and User-Agent, should be consistent and use both or just 1

2.       "this may happen over HTTPS" seems to go against core where it MUST

Section 2.2.3

1.       Should state that TLS needs to be used and point the reader to section 2.3 in RFC6749

Section 2.3

1.       Is "aud" and URI ? same for "azp"?

Section 2.4.2

1.       If the user info endpoint does not have a value for middle_name (or any other member) will it return a "middle_name" :null  or just not return "middle_name"?
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