[Openid-specs-ab] [openid/connect] Client/server 2119 blurriness (issue #716)

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New issue 716: Client/server 2119 blurriness

Michael Jones:

A review of the use of the 2119 keywords is in order, per Tim's note below...

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If this were in the IETF, you'd get pushback because in the basic/implicit client specs, there are loads and loads of places where it says MUST or REQUIRED but you're not doing normative-2119-stuff, you're instructing client authors what they can reasonably expect from the server; the MUST/REQUIRED applies to OP behavior not client behaivor.

The problem, if it's a problem, could be fixed by making a whole bunch of MUSTs into musts.  I’m not sure it’s really a problem, but as a reviewer of way too many IETF drafts, it did feel a little jarring.   -T


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