[Openid-specs-ab] [openid/connect] Messages - OpenID Request Object - "registration" in non-self-issued case (issue #709)

Nat Sakimura issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Mon Jan 28 16:26:52 UTC 2013

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New issue 709: Messages -  OpenID Request Object - "registration" in non-self-issued case

Nat Sakimura:

If "registration" is included in the request to non-self-issued IdP, I suppose it would be a mal-formed request, as it is written. 

It may be better to spell it out. 

(Other option may be to allow it to be present in the normal IdP case.) 

Also, for the error response, it is just referring to the OAuth error but would we not want to expand it a bit for such cases like this? 


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