[Openid-specs-ab] [openid/connect] Discovery token_endpoint_auth_algs_supported not supporting symmetric algs (issue #665)

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Wed Oct 10 23:31:11 UTC 2012

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New issue 665: Discovery token_endpoint_auth_algs_supported not supporting symmetric algs

John Bradley:

I just noticed that the Provider Configuration Response in Discovery* defines token_endpoint_auth_algs_supported as "A JSON array containing a list of the JWS signing algorithms [JWA] supported by the Token Endpoint for the private_key_jwt method to encode the JWT [JWT]. Servers SHOULD support RS256."

Was that intended to only cover the private_key_jwt asymmetric algorithms? What about algorithms for client_secret_jwt? I didn't see anything about the supported MAC algorithms client_secret_jwt. Is that an accidental omission or is there some reason it's not there that I'm missing?


Responsible: ve7jtb

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