[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 1-Oct-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 2 00:01:26 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 1-Oct-12

Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
Edmund Jay
John Bradley
George Fletcher

                Self-issued OPs
                Mobile phone applications
                Open Issues
                Inviting people to the in-person WG meeting
                Connect Meeting at IETF

Self-issued OPs:
                Nat received a first working test version of a self-issued OP yesterday
                It's for iPhone
                Within a week there should be a version available for test use
                It may not interoperate on JWE, but should for JWS
                It doesn't support prompt=none yet

Mobile phone applications:
                Not on Nat's radar right now
                Nat will try to ping developers about making this happen

                Edmund believes that there's an issue with Roland's test setup scripts
                                It's looking for an oicrp.py file, which doesn't appear to exist
                Edmund hasn't started the RP tests, but plans to in the next day or two
                Nat will organize an interop call for this week

                Mike tried to contact Breno and Naveen their updates to the session management spec
                                But no response to date
                No edits have been checked in since the last call

Open Issues:
                #641 Registration - 2.1 add javascript origin URL for session management
                                Google appears to allow multiple values, one per line
                                We could use a space-delimited list
                #657 Decryption of JWE encrypted request in the case of Self-issued OP and multi-persona
                                Mike raised the possibility of using the key ID (kid) parameter to distinguish between keys
                Johnny Bufu and Roland pointed out that the id_token request parameter conflicts with the same name in the request object
                                We will change the parameter name to id_token_hint
                                Nat filed bug #658 about this
                                Mike assigned to Edmund

Inviting people to the in-person WG meeting:
                Key people we're missing:
                                Breno, Chuck, Torsten, Don, Johnny Bufu, Mike Schwartz, Bill Mills, Pam, Allan Foster
                                Mike will send invitations to them

Connect Meeting at IETF:
                John dropped off the call, so we don't have a status update on this meeting
                                We don't know if we have an assigned room yet
                John doesn't appear to have created connect-ietf-85.eventbrite.com yet
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