[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 17-Sep-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 18 00:02:21 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 17-Sep-12

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Nat Sakimura
Edmund Jay

                Open Issues
                IIW Events
                IETF Events
                IETF Specs

                Nat and John have been doing edits
                                Mostly registration and discovery
                Nat updated the normalization rules for identifiers in Discovery
                                Issues # 621, 625, 652
                                Feedback solicited
                John has not had feedback on his changes to update registration flow
                                Issue # 632
                Edmund had problems pushing - Nat will look into it

Open Issues:
                No new open issues
                John posted a message to the list about using the OAuth client_credentials grant_type
                                Consensus seems to be not to preclude the use of the client_credentials grant_type
                                John will file a work item to review specs to ensure that this isn't precluded
                                It would need a way to pass the request object to the token endpoint
                                And to communicate the subject of the request
                                Not necessarily a pattern we want to encourage people to use, however

                Roland produced a matrix mapping his tests to the features
                                Mike needs to add a few more features
                Andreas created more instructions, which Mike posted on the wiki
                Roland and Andreas are still working on creating RP tests
                                Hopefully we'll get a report on them during the Thursday call

IIW Events:
                John created http://connect-wg-oct-2012.eventbrite.com/
                                We reviewed it on the call
                                John will send it to the openid-specs-ab, openid-connect-interop and board lists

IETF Events:
                John pinged Lucy again - she is trying to get a confirmation for the room

IETF Specs:
                Mike proposes to change "exp" in JWK to "xpo" so that "exp" could be used for expiration time like JWT
                                John wondered whether we should make keys have a structure, rather than leaving things flat
                                Mike will consider sending a note to the JOSE list about this
                                XMLDSig has RSAKeyValue with two parameters - modulus and exponent
                Mike asked whether Edmund has an ECDH-ES implementation
                                Edmund does, in one form
                                Mike will try to produce an example and have Edmund double-check it
                                For reference, XMLDsig 1.1 takes named curve and public key values
                                                KeyDerivationMethod ConcatKdf with parameters Alg, PartyUInfo, PartyVInfo

                We'd earlier talked about the idea of using a DNS prefix like simple-web-discovery. or webfinger.
                                Yaron Goland had asked how much harder this would make the DNS cert management
                                Mike asked whether people had thought about this some more
                                John asked, for instance, how Google would get a certificate for one of their hosted domains
                                We should try to get feedback from Google and Salesforce
                                                Mike will send a note asking for feedback
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