[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 24-May-12

Nat Sakimura sakimura at gmail.com
Fri May 25 01:00:17 UTC 2012

A minor clarification below.

On 2012/05/25, at 9:50, Edmund Jay <ejay at mgi1.com> wrote:

Spec call notes 24-May-12

Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Edmund Jay
John Bradley (joined later)
Pam Dingle   (joined later)

    - Open Issues

Open Issues
    #593: Standard: redirect_uri registration & matching
            There is still no clear consensus on how to handle the matching
of the redirect_uri value.
            This issue is deferred pending more feedback.

    #595: Discovery 2 - No means of discovery without web server for domain
            Current discovery mechanism relies on a web server at the
domain to host a .well-known file.
            Virtual domains or email only providers do not have a web
server at the domain.
            Possible solutions :
                1) Use DNS to lookup MX record
                2) Require a web server at the domain
               The above solutions may be too optimistic
            Pam suggested solution # 3 which is performing a GET on the
domain first and if that fails then perform a GET
            on the result obtained from a discovery of the domain.

1. let $mx = fqdn on MX record.
2 construct an fqdn for discovery by discovery.$mx
3. Follow the usual hostmeta query etc.

            Solution 3 seems most plausible to the members present.
            Since WebFinger is still a questionable work item for the
OAuth-Apps group, it is suggested a new spec called
            called Simple Web Finger (or something similar) be written and
which profiles a version of WebFingers.

It is a profile/subset of Webfinger/swd so when they become a spec, we
should have a minimum effort to move onto them.  This is a consistent
pattern with the registration spec., which is arguably a subset of uma
registration that became a new work item at the OAuth WG.

            This issue is assigned to John in care of Pam.

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