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Justin Richer jricher at mitre.org
Wed May 16 17:07:56 UTC 2012

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  -- Justin

On 05/16/2012 12:04 PM, Justin Richer wrote:
> Yes, that's exactly what I'm after. For my own facebook account, it 
> returns "zeronine", which is what I would expect for a "username" on 
> that service. Since we plan to implement both the OpenID (aka 
> "facebook") schema and the PoCo schema on our endpoints, I wanted to 
> make sure we had sufficient overlap in the data model. Plus, from our 
> IdP, all of our users *do* have unique usernames in addition to (and 
> separate from) the user IDs we'll be presenting.
>  -- Justin
> On 05/16/2012 11:52 AM, John Bradley wrote:
>> In the Facebook case they are exposing the Facebook username.  Is 
>> that what thou want or an indication of what username they would like?
>> I am not against the idea, just wanting to clarify the proposed 
>> semantics.
>> John
>> On 2012-05-16, at 11:27 AM, Justin Richer wrote:
>>> Whether or not we want to encourage them, we have systems that will 
>>> use them. Facebook also has "username" now:
>>> https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/user/
>>> So I say we just grab that and be done with it. PoCo has 
>>> "preferredUsername" for the same purpose. This makes a lot more 
>>> sense than "nickname", which really has a different (and potentially 
>>> useful in parallel) semantic behind it.
>>> -- Justin
>>> On 05/16/2012 11:16 AM, John Bradley wrote:
>>>> That is not part of the basic set of attributes Facebook uses,  
>>>> That was where the list originally came from.
>>>> I thought that nickname was used by RP for that.
>>>> looking at the spec the example of shorting Michael to Mike may be 
>>>> slightly misleading, In my case my nickname is "ve7jtb".  The other 
>>>> potential issue is that we don't preclude spaces.
>>>> Is there a need for a separate claim that is a single string not 
>>>> including spaces to be used as a local user name.
>>>> There is also the question of encouraging local user names.
>>>> John B.
>>>> On 2012-05-16, at 10:45 AM, Justin Richer wrote:
>>>>> I might be missing it, but it seems that there's a gap for 
>>>>> specifying a user's preferred local username in the User Info 
>>>>> schema. This is distinct from "user_id" which is a guaranteed 
>>>>> unique identifier, "name" which is the actual name of the person, 
>>>>> "nickname" which is a shortened first name, or anything else that 
>>>>> I can see.
>>>>> Is there a specific reason for this omission? If not, I'd like us 
>>>>> to add in a standard claim for this information.
>>>>> -- Justin
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