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Fri Apr 27 01:10:17 UTC 2012

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New issue 580: JWE - GCM Authentication Tag in JWE compact format

Edmund Jay:

The JWE spec specifies the compact format as "{JWE Header}.{JWE Encrypted Key}.{JWE Ciphertext}.{JWE Integrity Value}"

For AEAD algorithms such as A(128/256)GCM, the JWE Integrity Value should be the empty string.

According to NIST SP800-38D, the encryption algorithm is as follows :

Algorithm 4: GCM-AEK (IV, P, A)
  approved block cipher CIPH with a 128-bit block size;
  key K;
  definitions of supported input-output lengths;
  supported tag length t associated with the key.

  initialization vector IV (whose length is supported);
  plaintext P (whose length is supported);
  additional authenticated data A (whose length is supported).

  ciphertext C;
  authentication tag T.

  Let H = CIPHK(0128).
  Define a block, J0, as follows:
  If len(IV)=96, then let J0 = IV || 031 ||1.
  If len(IV) ≠ 96, then let s = 128 ⎡len(IV)/128⎤-len(IV), and let
  Let C=GCTRK(inc32(J0), P).
.... (see sp800-38d algorithm 4)

Return (C, T).

It doesn't say that C and T is returned as one blob or in some sort of structured data, so it seems that there are 2 separate values returned, C and T. If that is the case, I think C and T should be base64url encoded and used as the JWE CipherText and JWE Integrity Value respectively.

On a side note, the decryption function lists C and T as separate input values, which leads to the assumption that the encryption function produces 2 separate values.

Also, we need to specify the size of T in bits and if any additional authenticated data (A) needs to be added.

Responsible: ve7jtb

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