[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 15-Mar-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 16 00:40:13 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 15-Mar-12

Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Edmund Jay
Pamela Dingle
John Bradley
George Fletcher

               Open Issues
               Upcoming meetings
                              Paris Meeting Alongside IETF
                              London Meeting
                              European Identity Conference
               IETF Issues
                              OAuth Rechartering
                              OAuth Introspection Endpoint Work
                              OAuth Registration Proposal
               Self-Issued OPs

Open Issues:
               There are no new open issues
               #539 Messages - 0. Add scope for offline access
                              Nat will ping Breno on this
               #543: Messages - 8. Add Threats and controls
                              We will work on this in person with Torsten in Paris
               Separate encryption alg, enc, int registration parameter values
                              #554 Registration 2.1 - Use separate parameters for encryption parameters

               Mike has checked in all but one of his edits
               John expects to be done on Monday
               Nat plans to work on the Security Considerations in Paris

Paris Meeting Alongside IETF:
               We will need an overview presentation - Mike
                              Include relationship to IETF work
               Spend time on Security Considerations
               An opportunity to ask for JWT in the OAuth rechartering

London Meeting:
               Need business-oriented overview presentation - Mike
               Mike will send a proposed Chunnel itinerary

European Identity Conference:
               Reuse same content from London

               We got another implementation
               Edmund has posted most of his feature test results
               In Paris, we should analyze the interop results
                              Understand what we've tested and what we haven't
                              Figure out how to drive additional feature coverage

OAuth Rechartering:
               JWT and JWT OAuth Profile appear to be in
               SWD not currently in rechartering list - we need to develop a strategy for this

OAuth Introspection Endpoint Work:
               Pam said that Paul Madsen is writing up Introspection Endpoint work that Ping has done
               ping-oauth-verification-01.txt in Paul Madsen's March 15 3:35am (PDT) note to the OAuth list
               We will discuss this in Paris
               We will also try to talk with Brian Campbell and Paul Madsen on Monday's call at 4pm Pacific Time
               George said that AOL had done similar work - he'll send a link to the list

OAuth Registration Proposal:
               Same as we looked at before
               Way more complicated than our registration spec
               Consensus to not try a merger of the specs at this time

Self-issued OPs:
               John did a good presentation on this during our meeting in San Francisco
               We will work on writing this up in Paris
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