[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 30-Jan-12

Edmund Jay ejay at mgi1.com
Tue Jan 31 01:20:48 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 30-Jan-12

Pamela Dingle
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Joseph Boyle
Edmund Jay

    - Open Issues

    Pamela has created a wiki site for Interop testing at 
    It lists the current participants, their solutions (RP or OP) and results of 
specific tests.
    Specific test cases have not been updated yet.
    Testers should enter results of tests themselves. Contact Mike Jones, Pamela 
Dingle, or John Bradley for a write permissions. 

    Currently there is an error when trying to edit a test cases that is labeled 
'Not Tested'. The work around to to click on 'edit' and proceed.
    A results matrix will automatically be generated from the tests.

Open Issues:
    No new issues to discuss.
    Current Issues:    
        #523: Messages 2.1.4 - session_selection_required is leaking PII
        George has updated the issue with a text changes and has also sent it to 
Breno and the AB list. Assigned to Breno for further feedback.

        #521: Messages, etc. - Questioning the ID Token model
        John has posted another blog regarding the need for ID Tokens at 
        The FAQ version is still being worked on so the issue will be kept open.
        We need a requirements document so that this issue can be put to rest, 
but none exists.

        #518: Messages - Pairwise Identifier Algorithm not reversible
        #517: Messages - User Identifier Types section oddly placed 
        The above issues involve Mike Jones so they are deferred until the next 

        #514: Basic 2.2.1, Messages 2.1.2 - Embedded display limitations not 
clear (editorial)
        Breno was asked for some input but haven't provided any response.  Nat 
will try again.

        #513: Basic 1.2, Messages 8.14, Discovery 3.1, 3.2 - Issuer Identifier 
can not contain a path component
        John has sent a proposal to the AB list. The proposal is to add a path 
to the Issuer returned by SWD and 

        appending '/.well-known/openid-configuration' to the returned issuer id 
to get the discovery information.
        This issue needs further discussions for resolution.
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