[Openid-specs-ab] Question about sector_identifier_url requirement in registration spec

John Bradley ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com
Tue Jan 17 14:55:01 UTC 2012

The sector_identifier_url is OPTIONAL unless there are multiple hosts in the redirect_uris(making what to use ambitious).    
This is in Messages perhaps an additional comment in Registration may make it clearer. 

Tracked with ticket #509.

Messages Sec

If the Client has not provided a value for <spanx style="verb">sector_identifier_url</spanx> in registration, the Sector Identifier used for pairwise identifier calculation is the host component of the registered 
<spanx style="verb">redirect_uri</spanx>

If there are multiple hostnames in the registered <spanx style="verb">redirect_uris</spanx>, the Client MUST register a <spanx style="verb">sector_identifier_url</spanx>. 
When a <spanx style="verb">sector_identifier_url</spanx> is provided, the host component of that URL is used as the Sector Identifier for the pairwise identifier calculation.</ns:clipboard>

On 2012-01-17, at 3:01 AM, nov matake wrote:

> Hi Connectors,
> When client registered with user_id_type=pairwise, sector_identifier_url is REQUIRED or still OPTIONAL?
> I'm assuming it's still OPTIONAL, but then PPID for the client is calculated by what?
> --
> nov
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