[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 29-Sep-11

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 29 22:43:23 UTC 2011

Spec call notes 29-Sep-11

Edmund Jay
John Bradley
Johnny Bufu
Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher

               Mike's questions about changes made to the specs
               Open spec issues
               Workshop prior to IIW

Mike's questions about changes made to the specs:
               What happened to the display values popup, touch, and mobile?
                              We have no definitions for them
                              Removed until definitions are in place
               check_session -> check_id
               What happened to issued_to?
                              Issued_to had to do with 4th party authorization
                              Use case not well enough understood - withdrawn
               Made schema=openid required

               Some files currently have lines ending with both CR and CRLF
                              Mike will check in files without CRs at ends of lines

               In Mercurial, can name specific versions with tag command
                              Tag version, then push it
                              Mike will tag checkins with today's date

Open spec issues
               Issues filed by Hideki today
                              John proposed resolutions in issue tracker
                              John said that some people are confused about our use of scopes
                              We are open to clearer language
               Proposal for specifying encryption
                              Still owed by John - will try to produce by end of the weekend
               Proposal for checkid_immediate to replace that part of session management
                              Still owed by John - will try to produce by end of the weekend
               Response_type none
                              John's conclusion:  We should remove this from the spec
               Single logout proposal
                              Still owed by Breno
               Need to edit registration spec - issue #43
                              John will do tonight
               After Mike's checkins, Edmund and John will do another round of issue resolution and hand off to Mike again

Workshop prior to IIW
               Current room at AOL holds 25
               Current EventBrite ticket limit 20
               We need to ask for a larger space soon if we want it
               Could get a 50 person auditorium if we want it
               We want it to be a working session, not an informational session
               25 people is probably sufficient capacity
               George will ask whether there's a second small/midsize room for a parallel meeting
                              So we can have parallel interop and spec work
               We should be trying to make sure that people with implementations are coming
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