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Anthony Nadalin tonynad at microsoft.com
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Will have to do both, start with #1 and proceed to #2 once OAUTH 2.0 becomes and standard

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So there are two possibilities:

1. Just submit the Registry addition request, siting OpenID Connect as the spec.
2. Create another spec, which is an OAuth extension, and submit the Registry addition request
    based on it.

Section 11.2 process is sort of clear, but I am not sure if we take Option 2., where shall we submit the OAuth extension spec.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 1:55 AM, Anthony Nadalin <tonynad at microsoft.com> wrote:
> Section 11.2 of the OAuth spec defines the registry.  When the IESG 
> approves the document (or sometimes during IETF last call), IANA will 
> review it and confirm the actions they'll take (they check with the 
> doc editors).  Once it's confirmed, they create the registry but they 
> don't release it until the RFC is published.  At that point, 
> registrations can be made according to instructions in section 11.2.
> Those instructions specify that one posts a message to a TBD mailing 
> list, where requests will be reviewed.  The instructions give a 
> template for the initial message.  The IESG appoints a "designated 
> expert", who reviews the documentation for the parameter(s) requested, 
> and approves it or not, based on her expertise and input from the mailing-list discussion.
> It's all meant to be lightweight.  The OpenID folks need to provide a 
> stable document that describes the option(s), and the IESG usually 
> appoints an expert the first time a review is needed
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