[Openid-specs-ab] Updated Connect Specs

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
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(adding Allen, Kick, Chris, and Larry, to inform them of this progress towards the Connect launch)

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Subject: [Openid-specs-ab] Updated Connect Specs

Edmund and I have released updated and restructured Connect specs to openid.net.  The released specs are:

OpenID Connect Core:  http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html
OpenID Connect Framework: http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-framework-1_0.html
OpenID Connect Session Management:  http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-session-1_0.html
OpenID Connect HTTP Redirect Binding:  http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-http-redirect-1_0.html
OpenID Connect UserInfo Endpoint:  http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-userinfo-1_0.html

All are in SubVersion at http://svn.openid.net/repos/specifications/connect/1.0/.

The UserInfo spec now uses names in the style of the Facebook Graph API.  Edmund, I did a consistency pass over all the specs, primarily to update the examples to the new UserInfo schema.  I also ran spelling and grammar checking and corrected issues found.

I'd encourage everyone to read these in detail.  Once we have the updated Discovery and Client Registration specs, these should be ready to turn over to early developers!

                                                            -- Mike

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