[Openid-specs-ab] Request artifact

John Bradley jbradley at mac.com
Wed Apr 28 14:25:25 UTC 2010


One simplification to consider for 7.6 may be to combine artifact and rpfurl.

If the OP has returned artifact that could be:
Some internal refrence ID.
A URL pointing to some internal reference.
Some compressed version of the request.

If we think of the value as a reference to the request then the rpfurl is also a reference to the request.

The only difference is that one is defined by the OP and the other by the RP.

It may be confusing for people to have two things called artifact one for the request and one for the response.

The request could be renamed to something like request_refrence 

Some people may prefer them separate to make validation easier.

It is not a big thing.

John B.
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