[Openid-specs-ab] New version of Claims Aggregation Draft

Nat Sakimura nat at nat.consulting
Fri May 14 09:49:38 UTC 2021

Dear Connectors:

I have spent like five hours of quality time with Edmund yesterday to go
through the issues with the current draft and I have taken the liberty of
creating a restructured and "mmarkified" version of the claims aggregation
draft using this afternoon. In due course, I have added line wraps so that
changes going forward are easier to track. Also, I had to fix many markdown
tags so that it will compile with xml2rfc.
(There still is one bug that I cannot figure out that prevents from
compiling unless I fix it on the generated XML.)

I also have added an Introduction.

It is in the PR #17.

However, as the result of the above, almost every line is more or less
touched and the diff is not very useful anymore. HTML version of the file
with the PR applied is available from
https://openid.bitbucket.io/connect/openid-claims-aggregation-1_0.html so
you may want to start from there.

Let's discuss it on Monday UTC.


Nat Sakimura
NAT.Consulting LLC
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