[Openid-specs-ab] Verifiable presentation question

Nat Sakimura nat at nat.consulting
Wed May 12 23:11:43 UTC 2021


I have got a few generic questions regarding the verifiable presentation.
If any of you can help, it is much appreciated.

   - How do the claims in the VC can be bound to an ephemeral identifier
   and keys in a trustworthy manner when presented to the RP. (What is being
   written in the current Claims Aggregation draft is a way of achieving it in
   the context of regular OIDC response but it cannot be done independently of
   the verified claims issuance.)
   - I do not know ZKP almost at all but I was assuming that there would be
   several exchanges between the verifier and the holder. However, the current
   OIDC4VCO draft seems to be just talking about a simple request/response
   protocol: It just looks to me to be defining adding a member parallel to
   id_token in the request. Defining another format for the response. Am I
   missing something?
   - Where can I find the authoritative copy of W3C Verifiable Presentation




Nat Sakimura
NAT.Consulting LLC
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